Thursday, September 5, 2013

Different Styles

There I was - lost, confused, and unsure of what to do. I had many options in front of me, but I wasn't sure which was best. I was sitting at my desk typing a paper for one of my classes when I was faced with a difficult decision: what type of font should I use? I couldn't decide if this phrase should be in italics or if a certain word would look better if it was in bold. When I finally turned the paper in, I was happy with the decisions that I had made. But while I was picking through every little option I could choose for the words I had typed out, I had a thought. What if the font styles that I had to choose between are like the qualities that we want to strive for as individuals?

Be Bold: In writing, words are put in bold so that they stand out from the rest. Often times, words that are bold are of importance or have some significance. We must be bold in our actions so that we stand out, show our skills, and grow as individuals. How can you be bold in your words and actions?

Be Italic: Italics are saved for special circumstances, like when writing out a title to a book or movie, or a phrase in a different language. Italics catch the eye with slanted writing and can give a new meaning to a word or phrase by changing how it is looked at. We should give purpose to what we do, and provide that different perspective that might just give a new meaning to a situation. How can we be italic in our everyday life?

Be Underlined: Whether it’s jotting down a quick line under a key term or drawing seven marks underneath a time for an appointment, we’ve all used underlining. Like putting words in bold and italics, underlining words makes them stand out from the rest. But often times underlining is used for emphasis. Those key phrases or words that need to be remembered, or the time of the meeting so we won’t be late. By underlining, we make sure that we don’t forget, and that these things are important. By “being underlined,” we can remind ourselves to add emphasis to what we do, and that we can be remembered in a positive way. How can you underline what you say and do?

Just like the choices that I had in my paper, we all can choose how we act, and how we lead. Changing our attitudes can be as easy as the click of a button. How can you be bold, be italic, and be underlined? More importantly, how can you?

Kansas FFA, we out!

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Casey Mayfield said...

At first I was thinking, "what? Times New Roman! I taught this to you for two years!" But, I kept reading. Whew! You about gave your ol' English teacher a heart attack! :) As usual, you continue to write with that Chance-specialty: the analogy and metaphor! Nicely done!
Sincerely, CM (your ol' English teacher)